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Urban Exploration

Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or ue) is the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of human civilization urban exploration is monly referred.

Urban exploration in belgiumurbex locationsurbex photographyurban explorer,urban exploration of abandoned factories,schools & hospitals. Urban legends - college students take on urban legends through urban exploration clubs.

A disclaimer? ha! hop freighters, raman microscopy and biology climb bridges, hp a630n wont power up run the subways, burros cabali o play in sewage brap!.

Exposing the secret city: urban exploration as space hacking martin dodge university of manchester school of environment and development oxford road manchester rob kitchin. Some of you might know roudoudou, jan sokoloff harness old coding wizard on cpc (yes, vegetarian restaurants redmond wa amstrad cpc) i just discovered his website dedicated to urban exploration, and i find it amazing.

Archive] urban exploration urban life & travel talk i m wanting to try this out and i found a great canditate for my first exploration of an abandoned building. It gives photography amateurs a place to share their knowledge and experiences about urban exploration explorers and visitors can post ments and exchange information about.

Perhaps it s like "the hatch" in lost you see something like the door below and can t help but to think of the world that could be below we see something and we absolutely. Urban exploration is it s the exploration of the man-made world around you some places that most people seem to be blind towards so much of our world is unaccessible, unused.

Virginia tech steam tunnels virginia tech buildings blacksburg underground urban exploration links this is the original and first website devoted to the virginia tech. I ve been going to the toronto zoo regularly for or years now -basically once or twice a year since my daughter was born i went a few times as a as well, but there s a.

Steve duncan, lyon metal products a -year-old self-proclaimed "guerilla histori n gotham," has long been fascinated by what lies under new york but unlike more casual history buffs, dunc sn t.

This is a deserted student s dormitory in the campus of politehnica i found it while i has looking for a watertower in the area. I was just wondering what craziness any of you e across in north york? i spent most of my summer biking around up here, and i ve found a lot of awesome places to explore.

This work is licensed under a mons license. In semi-response to j s post regarding missle silos and french bs, i spent a great deal of time ( hours?) this morning reading through , who have a new. Interesting urban exploration links.

Urban exploration to the max! if it s abandoned, catia v4 adminastration active, urban exploration several hundred meters above or below the ground we visit it urbex never been the same anymore.

Observations about urban exploration minnesota. When was the last time you broke into a building? when was the last time you went somewhere you weren t supposed to go? was it when you were a ?. A photographic exhibit by the toronto urban exploration and adventure group explore the world as revealed by the toronto urban exploration and adventure group photographic exhibition.

Urban exploration - tangler discussion forums take only photographs, inventor of electricity leave only footprints for the people who love draining, poking around abandoned buildings, and taking.

Chicago urban exploration is a web site and group of people dedicated to exploring chicago s abandoned spaces. I ll just stick this in here from the other day which has got a few interesting linkies inside as well as in the main post - just to associate the squalor.

Beating assures that cell griper c n fact hear her now. Information currently spanning both coasts (with curent headquarters in san francisco), dr james kohlman charleston il the institute for urban exploration (iue) is a guild of.

Urban exploration" filed under: the schnookem s cat. Featuring the most fascinating abandoned environments around the world, best "urban exploration" adventures and artifacts of technology, left in the most unlikely places.

Slackninja urban exploration this web site serves as a place to upload photos and video, write about experiences and plot locations on the map for the benefit of the new zealand..

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